dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Click Bank's strategy with the Twitter

There were many ideas and strategies and curriculum, but one destination ... and it is not profit from Click BankToday we will explain one such strategy which has achieved great success and I have used it myself for several months to make sure the results and has already impressed me this very strategic
Click Bank's strategy through the social network Twitter

Who among us does not know Twitter? I think you know well and in most cases have an account on it. If you have not set up your account on Twitter yet ... so it is now and register your CREATE NEW ACCOUNT ON TWITTER to be able to apply this strategy.
1 - Settings page:

Is very important after register an account with Twitter begin to prepare your profile, and the most important steps of this strategy. In this step you will waste some time ... but this tax professionals, in order to be able to sell products on Click Bank Twitter your profile should be prepared in a professional and distinctive.

Go to Profile Edit and complete your data ... and the last check of the settings you will find Albroovik BIO is the crux of this strategy ... by the BIO can bring a lot of followers or posts your Followers who follow and this is the goal. A lot of followers on Twitter equals a lot of profits in the Click Bank.

Many of the sites in the world advises no keywords in order to find you the BIO of looking for one of those words in the search results on Twitter and thus will following you, but I reject that strongly in the strategy today. So what do you do?

You should write some very important words in the BIO to be trusted more than others then your chances of buying products from Click Bank your way. Some of the words that you type must be:



Or the like, and in the end you some keywords, which specializes in the field will display the products from Click Bank. I mean to make it clear to you more, if you have decided to market the products of all sports .. Write some words in the sports BIO after the first words that we decided that we write. If you have decided to market any product in Click Bank - and this is the best - do not write any tag after the word mail marketer.

Then find your own picture and lift it on your page to increase your confidence in others.

Then you should change the background of your page, bulleted and develop other professional - but you should be careful not to be the new background, or a fictional comic must be characterized by reverence and quiet - so that others respect you more and more. Fear not, I know that many of you did not know anything about design or backgrounds Twitter and how to adjust the size of the background or the like, so you can choose the background of a distinctive professional backgrounds of the hundreds of you at the magnificent site TwitrBackgrounds.COM.
2 - do not follow a Don't Follow
Of the basics of this strategy after you create your Twitter not follow a DON'T FOLLOW Leave everyone following you, but you do not follow one. Why it will explain it later ...
What if you have the expense of setting it in twitter by BC and followed a lot of friends and want to use the same account in this strategy ... do not worry the solution is very simple and is to leave and you are following Tlgém follow you from the list. Will wonder how they do it? Simply by using this site you unfollowall.com which allows you to cancel all of you follow on Twitter.3 - Send messages directly to the new Mtabaenk:
If you want to send messages directly to Mtabaenk new, you should use this wonderful site Social Loomph which allows you to feature these and many other advantages.4 - relay?
Very important question - has postponed the answer in the second point - but his answer is dispersed in the other. Some follow anyone in the way Twitter and some other random people follow Alzven appeared to him in his research on twitter. But we will follow the people who care about what we write in Tdoinatna. The question now is not we follow? But how to follow these people?
Mr Tweet with the site will send you all of your cares Baltdoinat, and so you can Gdavch you have in the list of those you follow.5 - Find products from Click Bank:
As previously Ahrt you select a product type of posts your account. If you have decided to follow one classification of posts, for example: fitness. Must be all the products that will be obtained from Click Bank are also fitness. If you have decided to write down all the Twitter thing, he chose a product from Click Bank and get a link Alofiliet (sales commission) and it is Kalshkl follows:
http://776aa6u3dlzk8v86imyjpd8kb0.hop.clickbank.net/6 - short cut link Alovljet:
Do not post a link Alovljet Kalmthal former, but must Takhtzareth sites in one Shortcuts links such as:
Or the like from the many sites that offer a service shortcut links. And I prefer to use the site LS.GD not to use it with a lot of people therefore it does not know much.
Suppose you took Mntek from Click Bank for Sport Betting and Achtsrth in LS.GD will give you a link to the abbreviation of activities:
7 - Why wait?
Go now to your Twitter and look for people who want some of the disciplines that want to market it, then go to Click Bank and look for a product is linked to what I was looking for in Twitter. Example: Sport Betting. And then sum up Alovljet link and put it in a short blog entries in your page on twitter.
Must take into account some of the posts your incentives in order to attract people to buy this product and an example of this is that you:
Bet on sports and win 97% of your Bets <http://youraffiliatelink.com/>.
Entries and continued in similar and then surprised the results of a strategy for Bank Click through Twitte

Pascal goal after 17 passes

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Thank Ute

Free Newcamd Server 31/07/2011

Server for all
31 / 07 / 2011

Data is changed twice a day and three when there is pressure on the server and the presence of important matches

Server opens

Host now been changed

HOST : tigersat.no-ip.org

PORT : 1001 – CAID : 0604 Nova//ART (7W)
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PORT : 1016 – CAID : 0627 JSC Sport+ (7W) Irdeto
USER : tiger1 to tiger200
PASS : www.tigersat.com
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Calendar of La Liga 2011 / 2012


1e Journée

Dimanche 21 aôut 2011
Real Sociedad-Atletico Madrid
Rayo Vallecano-Majorque
Betis Séville-FC Séville
Villarreal-Sporting Gijon
Espanyol Barcelone-Granada
Real Madrid-Athletic Bilbao

2e Journée

Dimanche 28 aôut 2011
17h00Granada-Betis Séville
Sporting Gijon-Real Sociedad
Saragosse-Real Madrid
Majorque-Espanyol Barcelone
FC Séville-Malaga
Athletic Bilbao-Rayo Vallecano
Atletico Madrid-Osasuna

3e Journée

Dimanche 11 septembre 2011
17h00Real Sociedad-Barcelone
Rayo Vallecano-Saragosse
Valence-Atletico Madrid
Betis Séville-Majorque
Villarreal-FC Séville
Osasuna-Sporting Gijon
Espanyol Barcelone-Athletic Bilbao
Real Madrid-www.google.comGetafe

Schalke denies reports about transfer of Raul to Malaga

Said Ralf Rangnick coach the German team Schalke football on Saturday that he has no information on the desire of Spain striker Raul to move to Malaga, Spain.

Rangnick said in remarks published by the newspaper "Bild" in the German edition of the day he heard about it for the first time, stressing that the club had not received any offer to contract with the player.

This comes at a time according to the Spanish media yesterday Thursday that Raul of Real Madrid's visit to the hotel, "Carleton de Bruges" city of Merlo, about a little bit about the German city of Gelsenkirchen, which is currently camped in Malaga.

According to media reports that Raul had held talks with Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, coach of Malacca and Fernando Hierro Director-General of the Spanish Club.

Echoed by the newspapers that Raul, who is still years left on his contract with Schalke, no longer wants to stay within the ranks of the German team.google.com


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